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Principal Investigator

Dr. Eleanor K. Seaton is a product of the Great Migration and hails from Chicago's south side. Dr. Seaton earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a master's degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Seaton also earned a doctorate from Temple University and completed post-doctoral work at the Program for Research on Black Americans at the University of Michigan. Currently, Dr. Seaton is an Associate Professor in the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University.

Dr. Seaton is a Developmental Psychologist who uses a variety of methodological designs and analytical techniques to explore novel questions or existing questions in novel ways. Dr. Seaton' s research is interdisciplinary and relies on social psychological and sociological frameworks, embedded firmly within a developmental perspective. Dr. Seaton's major research interests asses the influence of racial discrimination on adolescent development, the development and content of racial identity as it relates to in well-being, and the relation between racial discrimination and racial identity among Black youth. Dr. Seaton's primary goal is to understand how Black adolescents overcome the pervasive and detrimental effects of racial discrimination.

T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics

Arizona State University
P.O. Box 873701
Tempe, AZ 85287-3701

Email: reylab8@gmail.com
Website: www.reylab.com